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Samsung Smart IP Camera

Samsung Smart IP Camera


Find Events Fast – See What Matters
The Smart IP Camera records video only when events are detected so you don’t have to sort through hours of meaningless video to see what’s important.
Smart Event Detection – Fewer False Alerts
Using advanced video analytics, the Smart IP Camera will only send you alerts when something important is happening.
No Bandwidth Bloat – More Cameras, Less Bandwidth
The Smart IP Camera uses 4 times less bandwidth than other solutions so you can have more cameras and save on expensive bandwidth overage charges.  Other IP Cameras stream H.264 video 24/7 which can use up to 45 GB/month!  The Smart IP Camera streams at a bitrate of 40kb/s using only 10 to 12 GB/month.
Any Device, Anywhere – Web, Mobile & Smart TV
With the Smart IP Camera, you can monitor anytime and from anywhere. Download the app to smart phone, tablet or desktop. With all these choices, you can keep a watchful eye on your home, business, and loved ones anytime and from anywhere.

Motion and Audio Detection and Notification
 Have peace of mind knowing that the Smart IP Camera was built to help you keep ever vigilant even in the midst of your busy schedule. Once the Smart IP Camera is set for motion or audio detection, the device will instantly notify you on your mobile device. 

Your Opinion Matters!
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“This product was easy to install, easy to use, and fit well in a professional setting. All of the office staff commented on its ease of use and its high quality picture and voice signals.”
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